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Border Security

With criminal organizations working across the border, there’s no question that intelligence-led border security efforts are needed to keep our communities and our nation safe. Will introduced legislation that will use cutting-edge technology, enhanced man-power and physical barriers as necessary in order to secure our border, rather than building an expensive and ineffective wall that can negatively impact the trade and commerce that fuels the economy in the 23rd Congressional District of Texas.


Our outdated immigration laws need to be fixed so that the American economy can continue to benefit from both the “brain-drain” and “hard-working-drain” from other nations. Will is working with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to present a balanced approach that protects our borders, attracts the best and brightest to our shores, and creates a legal workforce that will bolster the American economy.

National Security

In an increasingly dangerous world, it’s vital that the people creating national security policy in Congress have the real-world experience to make decisions that will keep our nation safe. Will spent almost a decade as an undercover officer in the CIA, working in the back alleys of dangerous cities to gather intelligence vital to our national security. Will has spent most of his adult life chasing terrorists, including overseeing all CIA operations in Afghanistan before leaving the Agency. And as the threats move more and more to the digital realm, Will is using his extensive cybersecurity experience in Congress to help harden our digital infrastructure and hold nation states accountable for their digital attacks.


Trade is the life-blood for many local economies in the 23rd District and Will believes we need to do more as a nation to encourage cross-border trade and commerce. He’s already working with local leadership, stakeholders and congressional leadership to ensure that attempts to modernize NAFTA will further benefit our communities and strengthen our partnership with Mexico and Canada.

Economy & Taxes

The American economy is back on the rise, and Will continues to fight for policies that unshackles small business owners, spurs innovation and encourages job growth. From voting for historic tax reform that lets taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money to rolling back unnecessary red tape, Will is working to strengthen every family's pocketbook. He knows that what local farmers, ranchers and companies really want is for government to get out of the way and let them grow their business.


Will served alongside many of our nation’s finest, and he knows just how important it is to keep the promises made to our Veterans. From health care to education, the men and women who sacrificed so much for our safety to deserve easy access to the benefits they earned. Will has prioritized Veterans from the very beginning by hiring a Wounded Warrior Veteran to oversee casework and help battle the bureaucracy on their behalf.


Education is a national security issue, and Will is already working with local schools, colleges, businesses and his colleagues in order to help students graduate either skills-ready to enter the workforce or to continue their education without accruing student debt that takes a lifetime to pay off. One of Will’s signature achievements was to implement a program that trained middle school math teachers to introduce computer science into their curriculum, giving their students a jump start on this increasingly important skill set.