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5 facts about Will Hurd

Will Hurd served in the front lines of The War on Terror as an undercover officer in the CIA for nearly a decade in dangerous missions based in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Will has authored four bills that were signed into law in the 114th Congress. The last time a bill was passed into law from the Representative from the 23rd District of Texas was in 2007.

The 23rd Congressional District of Texas has 29 counties in two different time zones. It is larger than 23 U.S. states and Will has been in every county multiple times, racking up over 55,000 miles on his Jeep.

Will is a proud member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of '99 and served as Student Body President his senior year at Texas A&M University.

Will is an avid basketball player. He attended John Marshall High School in San Antonio where he played basketball all four years. On weekends you can still find him shooting hoops in his old neighborhood in Leon Valley.

Will Hurd


Will Hurd supports our nation’s veterans

Veterans not receiving the health care they deserve is not acceptable. It's a systemic and serious flaw affecting our heroes throughout the nation. The U.S. House of Representatives voted July 29 to pass the VA Accountability Act of 2015, which will give the Secretary of Veterans Affairs greater authority and flexibility in firing VA employees who fail to properly do their job.

We need to expand the pool of health care providers who accept Choice Card, and we need to improve the VHA’s reimbursement process so participating providers will be taken care of.

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National Security

Will Hurd is fighting to keep America secure

When I served as an undercover officer in the CIA I collected intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program. So I can say from first-hand experience that Iran is trying to acquire a nuclear weapon and they cannot be trusted under any circumstances. This deal does not stop Iran from reaching its goal and does not hold them accountable to the degree that’s necessary. Not only should it be rejected, but additional sanctions should be placed on Iran until they come back to the negotiating table and agree to terms that allow ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections, the complete dismantlement of dual-use facilities and recognize Israel’s right to exist. And for those who claim that our European allies will choose to trade with Iran rather than help us reinstate sanctions should give serious consideration to what that says about how this administration’s foreign policy has degraded our standing in the world.

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Will Hurd wants to build a strong American economy

One of my main goals in Congress is to keep government from intruding on small business owners. Keep the tax code simple and foster an environment where folks want to invest in our economy and create jobs. Small business is the number one job provider in this country, but we have to keep government bureaucrats from the EPA and the IRS from stifling economic growth. America is now the leading producer of oil and gas in the world and we need to keep it that way, because it provides good high paying jobs in South and West Texas.

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